Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions (T&Cs) in their entirety. We, HappyOn exhibition would like to draw your attention to these T&Cs so that each ticket-holder visiting HappyOn exhibition will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience at the event.

In these Rules :-

“Workshop” shall mean games, performances, entertainment and sale activities offered at the Event

“Event” shall mean HappyOn Exhibition

“Organiser” shall mean HappyOn Exhibition

“Owner” shall mean Its Our Studio

“Ticket” shall mean a ticket of any category granting the right of entry into the Venue, which shall be purchased online or at the box office, or received complimentary, which may be in physical form, on mobile (M tickets) or in electronic form ( E-Tickets);

“Venue” shall mean Happy On Exhibition, 29th Feb 2020 Ashok Lalit Bangalore, 9th & 10th May 2020, Nehru Centre Mumbai.

“Visitor” shall mean any visitor who has been permitted entry into the Venue for participating in the Event on basis of a valid Ticket which may be purchased by such visitor or any other person for the visitor, on the T&Cs set out below

Tickets :-

By accepting, holding or using an entry Ticket /band/ M-ticket, Visitor acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, accepted and agreed to the full T&Cs. These T&Cs shall apply to all Visitors entering to the Venue ;

Anyone above the age of 3 years will need a valid ticket to enter the Venue;

No child aged 12 or under will be admitted to the Venue unless the child is accompanied by a person aged 18 years or over (a “responsible person”) and such child or children whilst at the Event must remain accompanied and under the supervision of such responsible person at all times

A Ticket to the Event is valid only for a single day (Between 11 am to 8 pm) and is nonrefundable, non-transferable, non-redeemable and cannot be cancelled after purchase.

Un-used Ticket/s for the specified day may not be carried forward/ used on any other day of the Event;

A Visitor must produce a valid Ticket to get entry into the Venue. Once in the Visitor’s possession, a Ticket is his/her sole responsibility and will not be replaced in the event of theft, loss, damage or misplacement. No refunds will be given under any of these circumstances;

Ticket price is inclusive of 18% GST (CGST 9% & SGST 9%)

At the Venue, few Workshop are free while others are chargeable. For any purchases at points of sale/flea market in the Venue, paid Workshop, a Visitor can register for a Workshop on website or purchase pre-paid card at dispensing counters inside the Venue. Minimum value of such a card is Rs. 100/-, which can be topped up anytime while at the Event; any unused money in the card shall be refunded at the dispensing counters.

Organiser reserves the right to alter or reschedule the time of the Event without prior intimation. In the event that, ticket holders at large may be put to any disadvantage consequent to such rescheduling as per discretion of Organiser, the relevant tickets for such day shall be refunded upon request of the ticket holder.

Tickets may not be used for any advertising, competitions, contests, promotions without written permission from Organiser

Tickets may not be resold in any form or manner.

Entry :-

Entry will be permitted after thorough security checks and through specified entrances only.

Re-entry into the venue is not permitted.

Organizer has the right to inspect and refuse bags or other items to be brought into the Venue.

The organizer in its absolute discretion reserves the right at any time to close any part of the Event or any Attraction ( including ticketed Workshop) or can restrict the number of people having access to the Event due to security reason or any condition out of control of Organiser;

Organizer has put all efforts to keep all Workshop operational. However, in the event of inclement weather, green initiatives/technical/repairs and maintenance/electricity or power failure and other reasons out of control of the Organizer, the Event, including its Workshop may be delayed, resumed or cancelled at the discretion of the Organiser;

All activities, Workshop, and other facilities must be used in accordance with the relevant operator’s instructions. Visitors are requested to study various safety signs of all the activities and Workshop and act accordingly in terms of height and medical conditions.

Climbing or standing upon fences, barriers or any other exhibit is strictly prohibited. Visitor accepts that some of the Workshop (activities) may involve an element of risk and use of such Workshop is entirely at Visitor’s own risk.

No outside eatables (Including Gutkha, Pan-Masala), drinks, liquids, bottles, cans, tins, bags, lighters, matches, Knives, fireworks, weapons, poles, and flammable items and any illegal or hazardous substances are not permitted inside the Venue

Smoking in the Venue is strictly prohibited.

The use of audio and/or video equipment including still cameras for photography and any recording equipment is strictly prohibited. Organizer reserves the right to restrict the entry, or removal, of any recording equipment if Organizer is of the opinion that the images captured, whether moving or still, are likely to be used for commercial purposes;

The Visitor consents to being photographed, filmed and recorded as members of the Event, and consent to the use of any such film, image or recording for public transmission.

Organiser shall have the right to allow any authorised photographers and/or videographers into the Venue for photography and/or video recordings for future advertising and promotional purposes without prior permission from the Visitor.

Parking, if available at the Venue shall be at owners own risk.

Security Arrangements :-

The Visitor shall comply with :

any security arrangements, directions or notices displayed or given by the Security officers, employees or agents of the Organiser, including without limitation, notices, directions or other requirements relating to access and security at the Venue.

the conditions of entry displayed at the entrances to the Venue; and

all laws, regulations or requirements of the Police or any authorities having jurisdiction over the activities the Event and/or any regulations pertaining to the use or occupancy of the Venue.

For reasons of security and safety, Organizer reserves the right in its discretion:

to refuse suitcases, bags and/or other objects being brought into the Venue (or into any area under the control of the Organiser) whether before, during or after the Event;

to inspect any bags or other items which any person wishes to bring into or remove from the Venue, whether before, during or after the Event

to search any Visitor at the Venue for prohibited items pursuant to Section C Clause 8.

Organiser reserves the right to refuse to admit or to eject from the Venue, any person who does not comply with the terms prescribed under this Section D.

While at the Event, the Visitor must maintain safe, prudent and respectful behaviour and comply with all security measures and instructions given by any Event/security official. Security personnel/Organiser shall have the right to refuse admission or require any Visitor to withdraw from the Event/Venue or any Activities at any time if that Visitor’s conduct is deemed detrimental to or incompatible with the interests, comfort, safety, well-being or harmony of others, and shall not be obliged to refund the cost of any Ticket to such Visitor who has been refused admission or is ejected;

Limitation Of Liability :-

Neither the Organiser nor the Owner shall not be responsible to any Visitor for any claims, demands, causes of action, death, injury, losses, liabilities, and expenses resulting in or arising as a result of the Visitor entering the Venue and/or participating in any Attraction or any part of it. Visitor shall engage in entertainment activities and use the Workshop at his/her own risk

Visitor should not leave his/her possessions unattended at any time; neither Neither Organiser nor the Attraction operators will be responsible for the theft and or lost personal possessions.

In order to maintain a high quality of user experience, Organiser may collect certain information (including but not limited to personally identifiable information) from Visitors such as name, e-mail address or telephone number at the time of booking/registration/payment. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, Visitor hereby gives his/her consent to Organiser & Associated Partners to collect, receive, possess, store, deal and handle all information as provided herein for its own purposes.

Neither Organiser nor Owner shall be held liable for any act or omission by any person not employed /engaged directly by Organiser, and shall have no liability for the acts or omissions of the operators of the Workshop or any of their respective servants, agents or employees.

In any event, the entire liability of Organiser under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall not exceed the price of the Ticket(s) save for liability arising from death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Organizer.

Any dispute or claim arising under these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction.

These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the Organiser.

Cancellation Policy :-

We have a No Cancellation Policy. Once you have registered the same cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Refund Policy :-

Every Topup Card has a security charge of INR 50/- om returning the card back to HappyOn you shall get your money back.Incase of balance being available on the top up card. The same can get refunded from the counter at HappyOn.


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