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Our Story

Our Story

HappyOn Exhibition– is a niche and concept-based mom and kid’s event. The exhibition helps Moms and Kids to explore latest trends related to Education, Indoor & Outdoor Activities, Sports and Fashion. It’s a unique platform for people to connect and understand each other's ideas and implementing it by providing curated products/ services - “A professional cum Emotional trade”.

It showcases latest international trends in mom and kid’s fashion, learning, kid’s décor, gifting solutions and so on by setting a new trend in India.

Our first event was in Mumbai called the Mumbai Kids Carnival which received an amazing footfall of 8000 happy faces in 2 days.

HappyOn is set to travel across the country where participating Brands, Parents & Kids can come together to have fun and bound to surpass the experience they look for at HappyOn.


Samir Virani

Samir Virani, our founder for HappyOn Exhibition, is a dynamic professional with 11 years of experience in the field of Marketing, Event & Brand management. In the past he has been a part of Popcorn Entertainment, Asian Business Exhibitions & Conferences Ltd (ABEC) and was also associated with IIFA awards.

He is also the Founder & Director of “It’s Our Studio” which provides eclectic merchandise, a mix of designer products in gadgets, accessories and household.


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March 20th to 25th
Palo Alto, California
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